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Keep Yourself And The Motorcyclist Safe

motorcycle safety

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration more than 4,956 motorcyclists killed in 2015. Drivers ought to become much more aware of who is on the road, thanks to the large increase of the number of motorcycles on the road in recent years. Find below three things you can do to help keep yourself and the motorcyclists safe:

#1 Check your blind spots

The primary reason for accidents involving motor vehicles is not checking your blind spots. Motorcycles can be tougher to spot while they are changing lanes because are smaller than other vehicles on the road. You are habituated to looking for larger vehicles; therefore, a motorcycle and its rider tend to blend in, which makes them harder to notice. Pay special attention to your blind spots and take your time when changing lanes as the weather starts to get nicer.

#2 Give the whole lane to motorcyclists

Motorcyclists are still legally permitted to have their own lane of traffic even though they take up less room then a car. You must move completely into the next lane over to pass when you pass. There is no need to pass in the same lane as that of a motorcycle, even if it appears as if there is sufficient room; there is not. The chances of motorcycle accidents occurring are more when sharing a lane and the fault is yours.

#3 Exercise extra caution with motorcycle turn signals

In case you dive a vehicle you are habituated to having turn signals that cancel automatically but the majority of motorcyclists on the street do not have this option. This means that if you observe that a motorcyclist is driving for a long distance with an active turn, increase the distance between your car and the motorcycle so that you have sufficient time to react in case they do decide to turn.

The best practice is to use extra caution when you are driving near a motorcycle. An accident involving a motorcycle is always serious and these tips could help.


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