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Be Careful at Grocery and Superstores

Although at times the lines and stores that you might shop at can be a bit crazy, there are always things that make it worse.  Something like a hurricane or a flood, or even a wildfire can cause violent reactions in people who will blast local stores with business, making things a bit dangerous.  Adding COVID-19 into the mix has brought this to an all-new and unsafe level.  Furthermore, people are having to self-quarantine, which means stocking up on essentials is very important.  Always be prepared for things to last longer, however.

Everybody in A Panic?

Panic buying is dangerous and is seen during Black Friday, or when an incredibly popular product sold.  Because everybody is going to be inside their homes, people are going to buy all the items they usually use, but with the added fear of ‘this might not be enough, what if we run out?’.

The added craziness that you will experience is seen in many large grocery stores and even smaller businesses.  Employees also must deal with this in addition to having extended hours, harder work shifts, and even rapid restocking or cleaning.

This is when the chance of becoming hurt at work increases quite a bit.  A simple thing such as an item out of place, or a person not paying attention can have drastic consequences.  If a person is running and falls, the store can be held liable if there are no signs or warnings.  A slip and fall are the most common thing to have to happen during these times.

Even though people do the best they can, at times, it is not always enough. If you or a loved one has been harmed due to negligence, whether intentional or accidental at a store, call a local and experienced personal injury lawyer and learn about your rights.

Unreported Brawls and Fights at Sam’s Club, Other Stores

While at times you might not think a simple fight breaking out is bad, when it happens at a store, it might involve quite a few people, and one party or the other will need to contact a lawyer.  At times, neither will, and it goes unreported.

During other altercations, it may be hard to figure out what caused the problem.  During Sam’s Club incident, it was because one person ran into the other with a cart, which somehow led to them fighting one another with wine bottles.

This does not fall into a fault with the store, but with the two people involved.  This is a personal matter which the store cannot be held liable for.  However, other incidents can be because of the store’s negligence.

The reason we do not see these types of incidents until far after they occurred is that they are unreported, or minor enough not to get media attention.  An example of this is a client of ours who was injured in an accident.  The injuries were serious, and the case was not reported until after a verdict of over a million dollars was announced.

Many stores have been forced to cut down their hours quite a bit, even closing earlier to allow employees time to clean and restock.  This is the same for many other types of businesses across the country.  However, the demand for products has not ceased, so the stores that are still open have a great deal of business on their hands.  This has led to surges in companies like Amazon and Instacart, as well as conditions in place to allow elderly or sick people to shop first, as to keep them from contracting the virus.

Risk Reducing Tips

Simple logic denotes that people would understand they have to be careful right now.  However, during times when stress or panic are rampant, logic and common sense can go out the window.  Below are some helpful ways to keep you safe during these trying times.

  • Always exercise caution at stores, no matter if you are walking, biking, or using public transportation
  • Social distracting is vital, which means six feet always need to be kept between you and another person.
  • Stay home as much as possible, only going shopping when it is a necessity. This helps keep you safer from COVID-19.
  • Think about using grocery delivery services to cut down on the number of people out and about, and lower your chances of getting sick.
  • Be kind and patient both to store employees and other shoppers. Try to de-escalate problems that occur, and make sure not to cause any yourself.  Fighting does increase the chance of contamination.
  • Choose office supply stores or large warehouses instead of grocery stores as these places generally have more room and people are not bunched together.
  • Check on those in your community who are elderly or might need assistance, such as disabled or ill people. They can’t go shop as you do, so they will need an assist.

Why Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Speaking with a personal injury lawyer will give you a clear idea of your rights after an accident and injury. All personal injury lawyers offer free consultation and most work on contingency which means they will charge you nothing unless they win your case.

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