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5 Important Tips If You Get Arrested In Colorado

tips to follow if arrested in colorado

Being arrested in Colorado can be an overwhelming and terrifying experience that nobody wants to go through. When it happens, the majority of people make mistakes that only aggravate the situation. The good news is that getting arrested does not automatically mean that you have broken the law. Sometimes it could be a case of mistaken identity. Consulting with an experienced Denver criminal defense attorney immediately after your arrest can help avoid the life-altering consequences that may follow. While you may not have encountered any arrest yet, understanding what you need to do can help avoid making the bad situation worse, if and when it occurs. 

Tip 1: Stay calm 

Denver ranks among the cities with the highest crime rates in Colorado, making arrests quite prevalent. If you’re arrested in Colorado, the best thing to do is cooperate with the arresting officers’ directives even when you feel wrongfully arrested

Never get physical or attempt to run. Doing this will only add to the list of charges you will have to face. Even worse, you may get yourself hurt as law enforcement officers are allowed to use reasonable force on individuals who attempt to resist arrest.

Tip 2: Remain silent

During an arrest, the arresting officer will always inform you about your rights, including the right to remain silent. You must take this very seriously as it can save you a great deal. 

Once you are in custody, invoke your right by declaring that you wish to remain silent and stick to that. Many people invoke the right to remain silent and then start talking without legal advice, which increases the risk of saying things that could be used against them in the courtroom.

Tip 3: Do not consent to searches

If an arrest happens at your home or in your vehicle, the police may seek your consent to search. You have the right to withhold your consent. The investigating officers may still find other lawful ways of searching your property, such as obtaining a search warrant or impounding your automobile. However, if you have any incriminating evidence on you during the time of your arrest, it will be thoroughly searched and could be used against you in court.

Tip 4: Be courteous and polite

Be courteous and polite to the arresting officers even when you feel that you are wrongfully treated. How you talk during an arrest will be included in police reports and guide the prosecutor when prosecuting your case. 

Everyone is prone to mistakes from time to time, including the arresting officer. It would help to remain calm even when you feel offended. After all, you will have all the time to talk about why you feel violated after the arrest.

Tip 5: Call a Denver criminal defense lawyer

Besides the right to remain silent, you have the right to an attorney if you ever get arrested in Colorado. When you ask to speak to a lawyer, the law prohibits the interrogating officers from grilling you any further until your attorney arrives. 

It’s important to note that the right to an attorney guarantees you representation even when you cannot afford a lawyer’s services. That means you can ask the authorities to have a public defender assigned to your lawsuit in case you can’t afford a lawyer.

Hire a reliable Denver criminal defense attorney

If you have been arrested in Denver or are being investigated for a crime, you can depend on our experienced Denver criminal defense attorney, Steven J. Pisani. He has handled thousands of cases in the Colorado legal system and can help you obtain the most favorable outcome.

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